• How to Prepare for a Consultation With a Personal Injury Lawyer

    Recovering from an injury is almost always stressful. Serious injuries typically require prolonged treatment and, sometimes, may lead to permanent disabilities. It’s important that the injured parties have access to all the resources they need to heal.


    When accident victims have incurred their injuries due to no fault of their own, they may be entitled to compensation from the liable party. They can use this compensation to pay hospital bills, purchase medical supplies, make up for lost wages, and restore normalcy to a disrupted life. Read on to find out how to prepare for a consultation with a Denver personal injury lawyer who can help.


    Write Questions Down in Advance


    An initial consultation offers clients the opportunity to ask questions they may have about what to expect throughout the process of filing an insurance claim or a lawsuit. Make a point of writing questions about the lawyer’s fee schedule, his or her experience, what kind of personal information and documentation clients will need to provide, and what they should expect moving forward down in advance.


    Bring Documentation


    There are a few forms of documentation that can help personal injury lawyers build cases for their clients. These include accident or incident reports, contact information for all involved parties and witnesses, medical paperwork, hospital bills, insurance policies, and records of missed work or lost wages. Bring copies of correspondence with doctors, work supervisors, family, and friends regarding the incident, as well.


    Write Everything Down


    Write up a narrative of the events leading up to the injury or accident as soon as possible after it has occurred. The narrative doesn’t have to be professionally written but it should include as much detail as possible, including relevant dates, times, and names. This will give the lawyer a better idea of what happened and ensure that they don’t forget important details when it comes time to file a claim or a lawsuit.


    Be Honest


    Be as honest and straightforward with the lawyer as possible and make a good faith effort to answer all of his or her questions comprehensively. Personal injury lawyers handle all of their cases with as much skill and care as they can. They need to know exactly what happened to offer legal guidance and come up with the best arguments for their clients.


    Get Help Now


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